Advancing the pen tool
Understanding paths
Understanding anchor points
Drawing straight segments
Editing a path as you draw it with keyboard shortcuts
Inserting and removing anchor points
Adding curvature
Control handles
Drawing perfectly smooth outlines
Tracing a freeform, curvy path
Converting an existing anchor point
Working with open and closed paths
Joining paths
Averaging and aligning paths
Using the Scissors tool

Working with colour
Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
Process or global swatches
Creating spot colours
Using the swatch groups
Working with colour libraries
Importing swatches
Using the Colour Guide panel
The Colour panel
Defining and using process colours
Defining and using global process colours
Defining and using spot colours
Accessing colour libraries
Usingh CC libraries

Working with fills and strokes
Understanding fills and strokes
Working with fills
Working with strokes
Creating dashes and arrows
Creating variable-width strokes
Outlining strokes
Creating and editing gradients
Applying gradients to strokes
Applying and editing pattern fills
Creating your own pattern fill
Creating shapes

Understanding drawing modes
Creating compound paths
Creating compound shapes
Working with the Shape Builder tool
Working with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools
Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools
Smoothing and erasing paths
Adjusting appearances

Exploring the Appearance panel
The stacking order
Working with multiple fills
Working with multiple strokes
Adjusting appearance with live effects
Saving appearances as graphic styles

Auto-tracing in Illustrator
Auto-tracing and resolution
Adjusting layer previews
Expanding and simplifying traced paths
Flipping and fusing shapes
Scaling resolution-independent vectors

Live paint
Introducing Live Paint
Stroking with the Live Paint Bucket tool
The Live Paint Selection tool
Adding a path to a Live Paint group

Working with images
Placing images into Illustrator
Working with the Links panel
Embedding images into Illustrator
Cropping images with a mask
Best file types to use

Exploring the Image
Trace panel
Tracing photographsTracing line art
Converting pixels to paths with Image Trace

Drawing in perspective
Defining a perspective grid
Drawing artwork in perspective
Applying artwork to the grid

Importing correcting and editing data
Swapping between Graph Type
Changing the Graph Type settings
Selecting and colouring graph elements
Creating and defining a design for Illustrator charts
Applying a chart design to a marker
Adding numeric values to a column chart
Customising infographics and 3D
Designing your own charts
Creating a 3D Pie chart

Working with brushes
Introducing the Brushes panel
Applying and editing a calligraphic brush
Applying and scaling art brushes
Applying and editing a scatter brush
Formatting and scaling brushed text
Editing the path outlines of an art brush
Replacing an existing art brush
Creating and refining an art brush
Creating and editing a pattern brush
Adjusting the bristles in a bristle brush

Envelope distortions
Introducing Envelope Distort
Editing the contents of an envelope
Warping an envelope mesh
Creating and editing an envelope mesh
Blending an envelope into a background

Gradient tool
Creating gradients
Applying a gradient fill
Using the gradient annotator
Editing multiple gradients
Creating a radial gradient
Making a transparent gradient
Drop shadows and dynamic effects
Assigning a gradient to editable text
Assigning a gradient to a stroke

Gradient mesh
Introducing the gradient mesh
Working with the Mesh tool
Finessing the colours of mesh points
Adding a gradient mesh to a shape

The blend tool
The gradient-intensive illustration
Creating a multi-colour blend
Establishing a clipping mask
Editing blended paths
Adjusting the number of blended steps
Using the Blend tool
Blending between levels of opacity

Envelope Distort
Editing the contents of an envelope
Warping an envelope mesh
Working with an envelope mesh

Working with type
Working with Point Type and Area Type
Placing and flowing text
Threading text
Selecting type and choosing fonts
Adjusting type size
Tracking and Kerning
Baseline Shift
Paragraph spacing
Creating paragraph styles
The Glyphs panel
Creating text on a path
Converting text into paths

Printing, saving and exporting
Printing your artwork
Saving your artwork
Saving in legacy formats
Saving templates
Creating PDF files
Saving for the web
Creating high-res bitmap images
Using Illustrator files in Photoshop and InDesign