Illustrator concepts
What are vector graphics?
Create a custom workspace
Document settings

The Illustrator interface
Exploring panels and workspaces
Using the Control Panel
Smart Guides
Preview options
Grids and Guides
The Bounding Box

Working with groups and layers
Defining groups
Editing groups
Working with layers
Layers and object hierarchy

Drawing and selection
Shape Tools
The Selection Tools
Methods of selection
Duplicate objects
Fill and stroke attributes

Object transformations
and duplicating
Moving and copying objects
Rotating and scaling objects

Path editing
The Shipbuilder tool
Editing Anchor Points
Compound Shapes
Pathfinder Options
Path Options

The Appearance Panel
Multiple attributes
Appearance Panel settings

Working with colour
Defining swatches
Working with gradients
The Colour Guide panel

Creating an art brush
Creating a Scatter Brush

Using symbols
Defining and editing symbols
Editing symbols

Basic text editing
Creating Point Text
Creating Area Text
Text Formatting
Creating Text Threads

Creating blends
Creating a basic blend
Using a blend to create an airbrush effect

Placing images
Working with Images
Using the Links panel
The basics of Live Trace
An intro to Live Paint