Getting started
Understanding vector graphics

THe Workspace
Panels and workspaces
Screen modes
Setting preferences

Outline’ and ‘preview’ modes
Using ‘Smart guides’
Navigating within a document
Zooming and panning your artboards

Setting up your document intent
Creating new documents for print or web
Managing a custom workspace
Advanced document controls
Modifying your document
Changing units of measurement
Creating and using custom views
Working with Grids
Working with Guides

Drawing, transforming and working with objects
Working with the drawing tools
The Fill and Stroke concept
Anchors and Path
Transforming with the boundry box
Scaling and copying with the Scale tool
Reflecting and copying with the Reflect tool
Rotating and copying with the Rotate tool

Combining Shapes
Grouping objects
Using isolation mode (or not)
Locking and hiding artwork
Working with Pathfinder
Using the Shape Builder tool

Making selections
Using the Lasso tool
The Selections tools - direct and group
The Lasso tool
Magic Wand
Selecting Same
Saving Selections

Understanding the layers panel
Visibility and Locking
Selecting via the layers panel
Deleting layers
Changing the stacking order
Moving objects from one layer to another
Copying objects from one layer to another

Working with artboards
The Artboard panel
Re-sizing and Modifying artboards
Working with different page sizes
Creating new artboards and copying artboards

Working with colour
The Colour panel
Swatches panel
Guide panel
Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
Process or global swatches
Basics of the Colour

Alignment, distribution and spacing
Aligning, Distribution and Spacing to Selected Objects, and to Artboard
Aligning, Distribution and Spacing to Key Object

Working with paths and the pen tool
Understanding paths
Understanding anchor points
Drawing straight segments
Adding curvature
Working with open and closed paths
Joining and averaging paths
Adjusting control handles
Using Pathfinder

Working with brushes
The Calligraphic Brush
The Scatter Brush
The Art Brush
The Pattern Brush
The Bristle Brushes

Graphic styles
Creating Graphic Styles
Graphic styles Panel
The Appearance panel

Working with symbols
What are symbols?
Using the symbols libraries
Using the Symbol Sprayer tool
Creating new symbols
Breaking the symbol link

Working with type
Working with Point Type
Working with Area type
Formatting Text
Tracking and Kerning

Working with images
Placing images into Illustrator
Working with the Links panel
Embedding images into Illustrator
Masking Images
Using Image Trace
Using Live Paint

Saving, printing and exporting
Saving to legacy formats
Saving Templates
Saving for the web
Creating raster images (pixel based)
Using Illustrator files in InDesign and Photoshop
Creating PDF files