Managing your workspace
Advanced zooming and navigation
Advanced view options
Focus selection for formatting
Changing tools (without changing)

Sub layers
Locking layers
Duplicating layers
Moving items between

Master Pages
Auto numbering
Document Section numbers
Apply change and edit
Break elements from master

Anchored objects
Inline objects
Anchoring object options
Setting the anchor
Applying an object style

Next styles
Logic of next styles
Using next styles
Applying next styles
Forcing a new style

Using advanced find/change
Find Change
Using Scripts

Frame fitting options
Default frame fitting
Manual frame fitting
Applying frame fitting
Linking frames to object styles

Using table of contents
Creating a table of contents style
Editing a table of contents

Spot colours
Create new pantone swatches
Spot or process considerations

Live preflight
Live preflight
Defining profiles
Importing and exporting
Embedding profiles

PDF export standards
PDF/X ISO standards
Colour transformations
Registration marks
Trim and bleed geometry

Data merge
Creating a data set
Formatting data merge
Merging data
Formatting options
Importing data
Creating a table
Modifying a table
Formatting a table

Table and cell styles
Creating cell styles
Creating table styles
Applying table styles
Style tips and tricks