Managing the InDesign Workspace
Customise your workspace
Workspace and window arrangement

Creating documents
Create a new document
Modify a document’s layout
Creating margins, columns and gutters

Working with Text Frames
Creating a text frame
Adjusting a text frame
Adding and formatting text
Editing text
Adjusting text frame properties

Placing and threading text
Placing a text file
Placing a Word document
Threading text frames manually
Threading text frames automatically

Working with Graphic Frames
Creating graphic frames
Placing graphics
Understanding graphic types
Resizing and modifying frames
Fitting content in frames
Checking image resolution
Understanding actual against effective resolutions

Paragraph and character styles
Creating a new paragraph style
Modifying a paragraph style
Removing style overrides
Creating a new character style
Modifying a character style
CC Libraries

Master pages basics
Understanding the master pages
Adding master page objects
Applying master pages to document pages
Unlocking master page objects
Re-applying a master page

Text wrap
Creating text wrap around an object
Changing text wrap properties
Adjusting offsets

Working with basic effects
Understanding Effects
Apply transparency to objects
Drop shadow
Global Light

Colours and swatches
Apply colour to objects
Creating a new swatch
Editing an existing swatch
CC Libraries

Layer concepts
Adding new layers
Moving objects to layers
Moving layer stacking order
Visibility of layers
Locking of layers

CC Libraries
Using Adobe CC libraries
Managing your assets

Object styles
Creating an object style
Modifying an object style
Updating an object styles

Creating Adobe PDF files
Export PDF files for email and printing
PDFs press quality ouput
Understanding production output

Publishing online
Creating online content for desktop and mobile
Publish preferences
Managing published documents
Viewing content on devices