Settings and preferences
Adjusting preferences
Creating keyboard shortcuts
The interface and performance settings

Colour settings
Overview of Colour management
Configuring Colour settings
Soft proofing

Working smarter with Bridge
Opening and organising files
Viewing, choosing and assessing images
Adding Metadata and Keywords
Labelling and Filtering

Camera RAW
Difference between RAW and compressed images
Intro to Adobe Camera RAW
Camera RAW Filter in Photoshop

Adjusting image lbrightmess
Editing with the histogram
Customizing a Levels adjustment
Understanding the Gamma value
Making channel-by-channel adjustments
Simulating a Grey Card
Customising a Curves adjustment
Colour adjustment by the numbers
Tips and tricks

Shadows and highlights
Working non-destructively with Shadows/Highlights
Shadows Highlights techniques
The Radius values explained
Enhancing the effects of Midtone Contrast
Masking a group of Smart Filters

Advanced working with type
Creating point text
Choosing fonts and type style tricks

A run through of the Character and 
Paragraph panels
Kerning and tracking characters
Creating and editing area text
Selecting and formatting paragraphs
Using Paragraph Styles
Using Character Styles
Setting text inside a custom path
Creating text along a paths
Anti-aliasing explained

Working with vectors
The other vector-based layer
Drawing a dashed or dotted border
Drawing and aligning custom shapes
Combining simple shapes
Cropping and merging shapes
Adjusting Live Shape attributes
Working with the pen tool

Layer styles and effects
Applying and creating Layer Styles
Loading and customizing Layer Styles
Merging and saving Layer Styles
Copying Layer Styles
Depth, contour, and texture
Imparting depth with a layer effect
Creating shadows
Bevel and Emboss
Modifying a layer’s effects
Saving custom default settings
Creating a custom contour
Global Light and rasterizing effects
Adding textures

Using layers
The Layers panel stripped down
Creating layer comps
Adding, scaling, and aligning layers
Dragging and dropping layers
Stack, reveal, and rename
Opacity, history, and blend mode
Duplicating a selected portion of a layer
Applying a clipping mask
Creating a new layer and background
Layering tips and tricks
Filtering layers

Working with greyscale and black+white
Convert to black and white
Several ways to convert to greyscale
Mixing a custom black-and-white image
The Black & White command
Customizing the Black & White settings
Black & White or Channel Mixer
Creating a sepia tone

Advantages of using Smart Filters
How to apply a Smart Filter
How to Edit a Smart Filter
How to mask Smart Filters
How to apply a Smart Filter to a part of an image

Selections and masking
Adding to and subracting from Selections
Feathering a selection
Select and mask
Working with the Mask panel
Modifying Selections
Saving and Loading Selections
Viewing a mask with or without its image
Painting directly inside an alpha channel
Correcting fringes around a masked layer
Turning a layer into a knockout

Selecting with colour range
Selecting Skin Tones
Selecting a complex image with Colour Range
Refining a selection in the Quick Mask mode

Understanding the Smart Sharpen filter
Understanding the Unsharp Mask filter
Assessing the best sharpening practises
Sharpening with High Pass
Sharpening using Smart Filters

Saving for the web
Producing a suitable JPEG image
Producing a suitable GIF image
Working with colours to reduce file size
Viewing results in a browser

Printing and output
The main print options
Description and printing marks
Applying bleed
The Colour Settings
Other printing options
Previewing an image at print size

Noise and detail
The Noise/Details balancing act
Introducing the Reduce Noise filter
Brushing away blur and sharpening
    Creating texture by adding noise
    Correcting noise in Camera Raw
    Working with the Median filter