Web Design Courses

Introduction Course - Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Animate CC (3-Day)

This course is designed to show the extent to which the products work together to provide an excellent working environment to produce creative and functional websites.

Dreamweaver now uses CSS3 (cascading style sheets) to control structure and text styles making web pages more effective with accessibility issues for both non-sighted users and search engine.

 Web 2 standards now separate the content from the graphic display using CSS3 (cascading style sheets).

This means that if you take away the CSS, the content is displayed in pure text format - which is screen reader and search engine friendly.

 The site can be based on individual pages or templates driven to allow ease of editing and updating, and how to include flash animation, presentations and buttons in your site to add dynamic content and improve the users experience of your website.

This course shows how with Dreamwevear you can create websites that use the latest Responsive Web Design formats to ensure usability, accessibility and search engine optimisation

Website Design - from concept to production

Page Design and prototyping with the creation of HTML5 structure and navigation systems.

Using CSS3 and HTML5 to give the site pages structure, a quick and relative simple process leads to a templates driven website, allowing ease of editing and updating

How to include flash animation, presentations in your site to add dynamic content and improve the user's experience of your website.
Individual Software Applications

Introduction: Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web, Understanding the structure of a website folders, Creating a Local Root Folder Creating and linking pages. Create websites that use the latest Responsive Web Design formats, Adding content to pages: text and images, Upload and checking your site.

Introduction: Introduction to the interface and workspace, Creating and importing documents , Applying effects to objects, Slicing images, Optimising graphics, Exporting images, Working with Dreamweaver.

Introduction: About vector and bitmap graphics, Introducing the interface and workspace
, Creating a new movie, Introduction to Scenes, Creating buttons, Creating animation, Creating interactive movies, Publishing and Exporting. Placing into Dreamweaver

joomla CMS and E-commerce Management
This course runs in conjunction with Website Design and Hosting offered by Worcester Apple Graphic Services. This gives clients the ability to maintain their websites on a day to day basis.