Website Design
We offer a comprehensive website design and development service, using the latest technologies are used to ensure usability, accessibility and search engine optimisation. This can also include multimedia solutions, both online and off-line and tailored to your specifications.

Websites can be small-scale 'brochure' websites through to CMS and E-commerce solutions; these are crerated to be clean, easily navigable and clutter-free design solutions.
We offer two types of websites: Static and Dynamic

Responsive Website Design
Future website development and updates will be based on Responsive Web Design using CSS3 and HMTL5 and Media to provide a better web experience on a wide range of devices from desktop browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

Static Development

All static type websites have their pages created individually using CSS3 and HMTL5 to separate design from content, allowing for visually rich websites, that are still user and search engine friendly. This type of site offers a cheaper short-term solution, but do not allow for client updating of the site with out special knowledge and software. Static websites are divided into two levels: Startup websites (3-5 pages) for business to get started with a web presence and Standard websites (6-12 pages) for business's that want more information on the website.

Note: Startup websites can be upgraded to the standard level at any time once produced


Dynamic Development

Dynamic Websites are Database Driven Websites using the same CSS3 and HTML5 structure is used, but the site content is stored in a database and pages are generated using PHP and MYSQL. Content is updated via a backend CMS (Content Management System).

 Dynamic Websites are developed for sites with a greater amount of content (12 pages or more) and for E-commerce solutions.

This option is more expensive but will allow client's to look after the day to day management of their website through a browser.